The Process

Although requiring high levels of knowlage and experience to acheive our high level finish the procedure is quick simple,and convinient.

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1 Preperation

All surfaces are thoroughly prepared before the bonded aggregate installation. Preparation techniques and requirements vary depending on the type, condition, and age of the surface, but usually involve pressure washing the surface, and using resin to fill and repair degraded areas.


2 Installation

All surfaces are fitted using a single continuous process. The resin is spread by hand covering the existing surface to a depth of around 2.5mm (depending on stone type). Stone is then scattered over the resin leaving a leading edge clear. This process is repeated using the leading edge to join each application of resin, and creating a seamless continuous overall finish.


3 Sweep Off

Once finished the surface is usually left over night to cure. The following day all loose stone is thoroughly swept, and removed. Grids and detailing are tidied where applicable. The bonded aggregate installation is then complete and ready for vehicle, and foot traffic.



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