Heres an overview of common questions asked by our customers. If you have any questions that are not listed please dont hesitate to contact us and we'll help in any way we can.

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Will there be any loose aggregate ?

The loose stone is thoroughly swept, and removed as the final part of the process, however It is natural for there to be a small element of loose stone evident after the initial installation. This is minimal, and is a normal part of the cycle. This is due to a small element of unbounded stone remaining within the texture of the bonded aggregate surface, or being tacked on the edge of the resin.

Can the surface be pressure washed ?

The Aggribond bonded aggregate surface can be pressure washed using any electric pressure washer with no adverse effects.

How soon can the area be used ?

The curing time of our resin is specified at approximately 4 hours. This time varies greatly depending on substrate, and atmospheric temperatures. If required light foot traffic can be accepted straight after installation, but we recommend that vehicle traffic is kept off until the following morning.

Can we lay on slopes ?

Slopes are not a problem for the installation of our bonded aggregate system, and the final finish offers grip on what can be an otherwise treacherously slippery surface.

How long will the surface last ?

Our guarantee is for 5 years, but our surfacing in over specified, and should last at least 10 years for residential applications.

Can my existing area be extended ?

Any existing areas can be easily extended, or altered to accommodate our final bonded aggregate surfacing. This can be done using any suitable substrate, and will join seamlessly when the bonded aggregate is installed.

Can the surface be patched if required ?

If any excavation needs to be carried out in the future for drainage works etc.. our bonded aggregate surfacing can be effectively patched. As we use only natural stone there can be slight variants in colour over years of mining. If you would like to assure seamless patching in the future we can supply a bag of the stone on the day of installation for you to store.

Moss & weeds ?

Aggribond is impervious to weeds. As we don’t seal our natural stone surfacing it is susceptible to moss growth, but this is surface growth and does not penetrate the surface so can be easily removed with a pressure washer.


SUDS (sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) is the new legislation to prevent / alleviate excessive water  from being directed to the drains during high rain fall to prevent flooding. When laying on an existing surface SUDS is not relevant, and no planning / application is needed. If a new area is created where there is currently a porous surface such as grass you should check with building control in your area to see if approval is required.

Oil stains

If cleaned quickly with washing up liquid oil can easily be removed. If oil is left to stain the bonded aggregate surfacing there are chemicals that we can recommend to remove excessive staining.

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